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31 Mar

When You Should Consult A Cardiologist?

When we consider living a “healthy” lifestyle, we frequently consider 2 things: consumption right and obtaining exercise. though these area unit 2 vital aspects of living a healthy life, they definitely aren’t the sole factors. Another piece of the healthy life puzzle is understanding what medical experts to visit and when. during this diary, we’re […]

01 Nov

What to know about cardiac muscle tissue

Muscle is a fibrous tissue that gets to move. There are 3 styles of muscle tissue within the body: cardiac, skeletal, and smooth. Cardiac muscle is extremely prepared and includes many kinds of cells, together with smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts, and cardiomyocytes. Cardiac muscle simply lives in the heart. It includes cardiac muscle cells, which produce extremely coordinated things that have the heart […]

31 Oct

Hypertension Symptoms and how to control Hypertension

Hypertension, also called high blood pressure is known as a “silent disease” as symptoms won’t be seen. But, this disease infects the body and may also create heart disease. Maximum care must be taken if diagnosed with blood pressure and the patient should keep a record of its levels through checking blood pressure hardly. Also, chances to […]

23 Oct

Heart Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Evidence is building those cocao plant products, especially dark chocolate, which is good for our health. Studies show that people who eat that chocolate have a healthier cardiovascular system. Dark chocolate carries a particular union that may decrease your possibilities of producing an irregular heartbeat. This heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, can lead to strokes, insanity, […]

09 Oct

Easy Tips to Keeping Long Term Heart Health

Diet is simply one a part of maintaining heart health. There square measure others that you just got to remember to form certain that your heart stays healthy. 1. Eat Healthy –ingestion foods that area unit high in minerals, iron, calcium like fresh leafy vegetables, vegetables, mushrooms & not humoring an excessive amount of in red meats that increase sterol levels may be a sensible habit to create. certify your family conjointly maintains this healthy diet. 2. Regular Exercise –travail frequently at least half-hour on a daily basis of brisk walk is […]

25 Sep

What is a Normal Heart Rate?

    What is a normal heart rate? Everyone needs to know what is normal, particularly when it gets to heart health. These problems are quickly answered and can give reassuring information to those troubled about their heart health. When it comes to the beating of your heart cardiologists get note of two main parts, [...]
23 Sep

Different types of Heart Disease

Heart disease leads to various conditions affecting the heart. Coronary heart disease is a common heart disease, where there is a development of plaque in the arteries leading to reduced flow of blood to the heart and raising the risk of a heart attack. Arrhythmias: Irregular heartbeat. Smoking, heavy alcohol use, and the use of [...]
29 Jul

Healthy Heart Tips

Healthy Heart Tips The heart is the symbol of love, the heart is unquestionably the most important organ in our body. You have invest time in making sure it is healthy and happy. Begin on a heart-healthy lifestyle to battle heart disease by taking the following measures. Schedule a Yearly Checkup schedule a checkup to [...]